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Technical Answers to your Questions


Diagnosing Clutch Shudder.

10 Common Causes of Clutch Shudder.


  1. Oil Contamination of Clutch Plate from Engine or Gearbox Seal Leakage

  2. Loose or Worn Engine Mountings

  3. Worn Shackles or Loose U Bolts (Where applicable)

  4. Worn or damaged Universal Joints or CV Joints

  5. Drive Shaft Centre Spigot Bearing worn or Failure  (Where applicable)

  6. Broken Drive Straps on Cover Assembly through driver abuse i.e. Down changing or Savage clutch engagement.

  7. Incorrect driving habits, Driver induced shudder is also caused by abrupt clutch engagement or releasing, the clutch should always be feathered on release or engagement rather than being jabbed when releasing or engaging.

  8. Worn Pilot Bearing/Spigot Bush-Dry Gearbox Snout or Clutch Disc splines.

  9. Missing Flywheel Dowels

  10. . Incorrect installation proceedure i.e. Clutch Disc Bent during installation by hanging gearbox or incorrect clutch adjustment i.e. Clutch over adjusted causing over centering which can create premature engagement.  

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